Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Here you'll find general questions and answers about the Drafting Marketplace platform.
What is Drafting Marketplace?
Drafting Marketplace is an online platform that allows glazing contractors to find reliable engineers and drafters for jobs.
How does Drafting Marketplace work?
Drafting Marketplace is a user-friendly platform where engineers, drafters, and glazing contractors can easily find each other to get quality work done. Drafting Marketplace has the following capabilities:
What are the benefits of using Drafting Marketplace?
Drafters, engineers, and glazing contractors using Drafting Marketplace will find that the platform offers many benefits, including:
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Shorter lead times
  • The ability to build up reputations 
  • A frustration-free process
  • Opportunities to generate more business and revenue
  • Being able to start and end projects all in one place
Is it free?
Signing up for Drafting Marketplace is free! You’ll only pay once a project is complete. For drafters and engineers, a marketplace fee of 5% will be deducted from the amount they invoice for a project. For glazing contractors, a 5% fee will be added to the amount the drafter or engineer invoices, and will be a separate transaction paid directly to Drafting Marketplace.
I’m located in Canada but everything on Drafting Marketplace is showing up in USD. Is there a way to change it to CAD?
While Drafting Marketplace is based in the United States, and projects are open to drafters, engineers, and glazing contractors in Canada, our platform is only processing transactions in USD at this time.
What does the green checkmark next to a company name mean?
  • The green checkmark signifies a verified user.
  • Glazing contractors are required to complete 3 transactions and have an average rating of 3 stars in order to receive the green check mark verification.
  • Drafters and engineers are required to complete 4 transactions and have an average rating of 4 stars in order to receive the green check mark verification.
    FAQs for Drafters and Engineers
    Here are some FAQs for drafters interested in Drafting Marketplace.
    What features are available to drafters and engineers on Drafting Marketplace?
    There are many great features for drafters and engineers who are interested in using Drafting Marketplace. These include but are not limited to: finding projects, sending messages, browsing profiles, submitting bids, responding to bid requests, submitting invoices, submitting ratings, and more.
    What are the benefits of Drafting Marketplace for drafters and engineers?
    Drafters and engineers who use Drafting Marketplace will experience many benefits, including: streamlining the process of finding jobs, easily receiving payment, easy advertising, a user-friendly ratings system, project organization, automation of initial contact with new clients, ability to specialize, simple communication, and much more!
    FAQs for Contractors
    Here are some FAQs for Contractors interested in using Drafting Marketplace.
    What features are available to Contractors on Drafting Marketplace?
    Contractors have access to tons of awesome features on Drafting Marketplace. These include, but are not limited to the following: posting projects, editing projects, finding drafters, requesting bids, accepting bids, approving or requesting revisions on completed jobs, submitting payments, messaging, and more.
    What are the benefits of Drafting Marketplace for Contractors?
    Contractors using Drafting Marketplace will experience tons of great benefits from the platform. These benefits include: getting jobs done quickly, easily receive bids, keeping track of communication through the messaging center, finding reliable drafters, organization of multiple projects, advertising, giving and receiving ratings, hire specialized drafters, easily upload and download drawings and other informational files.