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Where Drafters, Engineers, and Contractors Get Work Done

No longer fear the days of feast and famine - Drafting Marketplace brings contractors, engineers, and drafters together to collaborate on high-quality projects.

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Schedule Your Time

Schedule Your Time

A tremendous benefit of Drafting Marketplace is the ability to control your workload to fit a specific schedule.

Get Paid

Get Paid

Receive payment upon delivery of each project, making your life easier and your wallet thicker!

Work With Professionals

Work With Professionals

Drafting Marketplace provides access to industry experts.

How It Works

Our User-Friendly Platform Makes Your Job Easier

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    Register as Drafter, Engineer, or Contractor

    Sign up for free and start taking advantage of our online platform!

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    Set Up Your Profile

    Fill out your profile with all the relevant information needed to showcase your skills and expertise to potential clients.

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    Post a Project or Search for a Job

    Contractors can post their projects to be found by qualified drafters and engineers searching for work.

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    Get Work Done, and Get Paid

    Submit projects, communicate, and receive your pay all in one platform.

Finding Qualified Professionals Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Drafting Marketplace gives contractors a place to post projects so that drafters and engineers can bid on jobs. But how do you know you're choosing the best candidate for the job?

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Manage Bidders

While bids roll on projects, contractors can view profiles to see who is the most qualified for the job.

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Rating System

Our rating system allows drafters, engineers, and contractors to rate one another once a project is complete - holding everyone accountable for their quality of work and communication.

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Knowledge Base

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Post Projects and Let the Bids Flow In


Position yourself among the top contractors in the industry by taking advantage of Drafting Marketplace.

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Collaborate and Share Without the Hassle


Communication doesn't have to be difficult just because your work is. Easily share documents and interface with clients right through Drafting Marketplace.

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Easily Find Work Without Chasing Payment


Contractors are trying to find hard-working drafters for their projects - connect with them through Drafting Marketplace.

It's Time To See What All the Fuss Is About


There's zero risk or obligation when you create an account, so come explore Drafting Marketplace, where contractors, engineers, and drafters come to get work done.


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